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“I like to think of thoughts as living blossoms borne by the human tree.” ~James Douglas. Reflections, as the name implies, is a collection of my thoughts and writings not only on my primary passion –music, but also on incidents that have touched, moulded and influenced me over the years.

The role of music in promoting core values in today’s changing environment

Change is the only constant in the world today. We see and experience it around us all the time. It is an all- embracing term and covers various aspects, such as the physical changes occurring around us in our environment; for example, the phenomenon of global warming. Technological advances have led to several changes in our basic lifestyle. The means of communication, transport, and day to day living have all shown a steady upward growth. Even in the work place, the dynamics have changed on account of several factors. Opportunities, career options, social perceptions have all contributed to making the workplace dynamics very different today.....more

Gently flows the river

It was my final year of college; the Diwali vacations were approaching. ‘I want to celebrate this Diwali in a special way” I grandly announced to my family. “After all, this could be my last year as a student’ I said. “Oh are you planning on getting married next year?’ my father teased; “No, no, she thinks she has learnt everything in life’s book of lessons” my mother said with a chuckle. I was about to rebut these comments, when my grandmother gently said “I think she has a point”. Encouraged by my grateful smile, she continued “Why don’t we do something special- let us go to the holy city of Banaras....more

An ode to a potted plant

What images does the mind conjure up when it hears the word ‘Beauty’? We think of rolling meadows, colourful flowers, waterfalls, and lush forests. Of course, Beauty is not always about Nature, there is a world of beauty in the innocence that we see in a child’s smile, its tender touch or even its gurgles and giggles....more

Rasa Theory and its application to Indian Music

An overview of aesthetics in Music

The word ‘rasa’ has three primary associations of meaning:

[1] Of being the object of perception by the sense of taste
[2] Of being the essence of any thing or being
[3] Of being something dynamic and not static

To extrapolate this into music, we go back to the Indian tradition wherein the central point of aesthetics is ‘rasa’ or ‘aanand’ [joyful bliss].The concept of rasa originated and developed in the context of dramaturgy, since drama is a dynamic art form combining the audio and visual impact. ...more

Beyond Borders - reaching out through music  

It was a cold wintry evening in a small German town called Bottrop.I had just concluded with a Bhairavi thumri. The concert was a fund-raiser for the victims of the Gujarat earthquake- it was a concert organized by the Mayor himself, and the town hall was filled to capacity...more


Kaal Chakra - The Raga-Time Cycle : Colors of sound  

The Rasa Theory was the first systematized attempt to explain the cause-effect relationship between an intangible concept like ‘emotion’ with its tangible factors. It was expounded by Bharata Muni in his treatise 'Natyashastra'. The concept of 'rasa' originated and developed in the context of dramaturgy, since drama is a dynamic art form combining the audio and visual impact....more


The Making of Krishn-Kanhai  

"Music to me is a spiritual journey into the soul and I have felt this especially in the making of Krishn—Kanhai"

The first strains of music for this collection awoke in my heart during a trip to Vrindavan, a holy confluence of spiritual vibrations, poetic imagery and the cultural heritage of India; all wedded to the tales of Lord Krishna’s boyhood and youth. ....more



‘Guru charan nitha laaabho’  

It was the year 1982; I was a fresh graduate in Chemistry from Bombay University- a slightly confused young lady, on the threshold of several avenues which beckoned me. Should I pursue a course as a research scholar in Organic Chemistry- my first love? Or should I throw myself into the heady, exciting and challenging world of avant-garde theatre (a brief but intensely fascinating stint with the talented Shri Jayadev Hattangady’s theatre group had thrown my well-ordered universe topsy turvy.) Or should I pursue a path in Classical Music- which has always been a guiding ‘dhruva-taara’ for me all along , steadfast but so subtle that, I, myself was not wholly aware of just how much, a life within and around music meant to me...more

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