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Music for relaxation, music to soothe, music for contemplation, music for introspection, music to move and touch you to the core of your being - Padmini's music has been described as all of this by her various listeners and fans world-wide. Be it in the gentle lilt of her Bhoop, the exuberance of her Kirwani, the grandeur and hypnotic quality of her Bhimpalasi, the tranquility of her Yaman or the piety, sense of total surrender and melodic content of her bhajans, here is music for listeners to immerse themselves in and enjoy again and again.

Raag Chandrakauns (Alaap)

Raag Bihag (Chota Khayal-Teentaal)

Raag Bhairavi
Kabir Bhajan

Raag Mishra Kafi

padmini rao
Raag Bhoop (Alaap)
Raag Kirwani (Chota Khayal-Taraana)
Avaguna chitha na daro

Chalo ri murali suniye

Taarana - Raag Hamsadhwani

Raag Bhairavi (Bhajan)

padmini rao
Chota khayal -Raag Yaman

Bairan Ratiya Thumri Raag Bhairavi


padmini rao
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