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Avaguna chitha na daro


Album Songs

1] Guru Gyanand Bhandar Bharey
Lyrics and Music: Suniti Chandavar

2] Eeshwara Tu Hai Dayaal
Lyrics: Brahmanand; Music: Meera Balsaver

3] Hari Bina Kaun Daridra Harey
Lyrics: Surdas; Music: Raju Chandavar

4] Avaguna Chitha Na Dharo
Lyrics: Surdas; Music: Padmini Rao

5] Moko Kahaan Dhoondey Rey Bandhey
Lyrics: Kabirdas; Music: Padmini Rao

6] Jyoth Sey Jyoth Jagaao
Lyrics: Muktanand; Music: Padmini Rao

7] Main Ghulam Main Ghulam
Lyrics: Kabirdas; Music: Padmini Rao



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